The twelfth China Xi’an International Education Equipment Expo, 2017

Time: August 2017 18-20 Venue: Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xi’an

Sponsor: Xi’an Municipal People’s Government

Co organizer: Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and technology, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education

Co organizer:

Shaanxi science and Technology Resources Center

Shaanxi Association for analysis and testing

Shaanxi educational technology equipment management center

Unit: Shanghai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


With the continuous development of society and economy, the research of modern high technology and basic science experiment is becoming more and more important to the advanced nature, stability and cost performance of scientific instruments. In our country to promote “science and education” strategy, has been committed to independent research and development of equipment and industrial capacity. In the face of favorable market environment, the western scientific and educational instruments and laboratory equipment industry must actively innovation, seize the opportunity to grow and develop.

The 2017 Xi’an International Education Expo Chinese equipment based on previous successfully organized the Xi’an CHITEC scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition on the deep fine excavation, Key Laboratory, Shaanxi more than and 100 linkage of more than and 200 universities and more than and 500 research institutes, play platform geometric fission function, to build the western scientific instrument and equipment industry laboratory set exhibition and communication, technology promotion, new product launches, achievements, in one of the four functions of the internationalization of professional platform, provide new momentum for the rapid development of instrument industry in Western science.

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Basic education and higher education technology and Equipment Exhibition (all applicable to basic education, occupation education / higher education educational technology and equipment, instruments and materials / wisdom of educational technology equipment and software / audio-visual audio and video equipment / distance education equipment /3D printing, modern office equipment / consumables and other related facilities / preschool education equipment / logistics facilities and equipment)

Wisdom education system solutions Exhibition (digital network platform on campus and campus control system solutions, and solutions, teaching assistant system, computer network and various types of terminals, desktop virtualization, UPS system and computer room environmental control equipment, network conference system, data processing terminal, information security technology, etc.)

Scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition (analytical and testing instruments / equipment and equipment, electronic and optical instrument / optical instrument, laboratory equipment and supplies / biochemistry, life sciences and microbial testing instruments / instrument / mechanical test equipment, performance testing instrument / electrical measuring instruments / chemical reagents and standard substance / instruments, the related spare parts and consumables)

Environmental testing equipment exhibition (continuous automatic monitoring system / automatic on-line monitoring system of air / water continuous automatic monitoring system / automatic on-line monitoring system of gas / odor automatic online real-time monitoring system / radioactive, noise, vibration, light, thermal analyzer and continuous automatic monitoring system / environmental pollution accident emergency and portable monitoring instruments / equipment water pollutant sampling and monitoring equipment / gas pollutant sampling and monitoring equipment / data processing and transmission and other special monitoring instruments and equipment environmental quality)

Achievement of science and technology and Information Technology Exhibition (smart wearable devices, unmanned technology, intelligent control technology, robot, intelligent robots, service robots, Internet plus, finance, science and technology, creating the public record space, business incubator, AR/VR, a new generation of communication technology, IT, smart city, networking, big data communication, light plane display technology).

Nondestructive testing and physical and chemical inspection area, ultrasonic testing / acoustic emission testing / X-ray detection / magnetic particle testing / eddy current testing / penetrant testing / leak detection / physical and chemical inspection equipment / industrial machine vision inspection


1 booth charges

Booth specifications domestic exhibitors overseas exhibitors

International standard booth (3m * 3m/) 6800 yuan / $1200 /

Angle international standard booth (3m * 3m/) 7500 yuan / $1500 /

The indoor exhibition (light 36m2 2) 800 yuan / m2 / m2 $200

Note: A, standard booth: three panels, fascia board making, negotiation table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, one 10A/220V socket.

B, indoor exhibition area only provides light, do not provide any configuration, exhibitors are responsible for the booth layout of the various costs.

2 advertising fees (specification: 210mm * 285mm).

The cover back cover inside cover color inside page black and white pages of text ads

20000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 15000 yuan, 8000 yuan, 5000 yuan, 2000 yuan, 15000 yuan

3 other ads.

Visit the hand bag rainbow door (single) billboard (8m * 4m) certificate advertising

10000 yuan / million Zhang $10000 / thousand yuan / 15000 yuan / a $10000 / 6000

Project conference / product promotion / exhibitors technical exchange meeting: (first hour) 5000 yuan / field, an additional one hour each additional $1000, production enterprises and scientific research units can apply for hosting, theme. Technical exchange will provide facilities: 50-100 people around the conference room, projector, screen, podium, chairs, audio, paper, pens, drinking water.

The General Assembly calls for special co sponsors, sponsors, strategic partners and other units (details).


Mass media: Chinese in network television, Shaanxi TV, Xi’an TV, Shaanxi radio, Shaanxi daily, Xi’an evening news, China Daily,, western network,, HC, the glory of the Xi’an forum, by city mass media (radio, newspaper and government website) full range publicity.

Professional media: China instrument industry, education industry, China measurement analysis, Chinese education equipment procurement network, Chinese monitoring network, China website, China education network, China equipment analysis instrument network, a good exhibition, Chinese science equipment network, Chinese chromatography instrument laboratory equipment, network, network navigation net, Chinese laboratory management network, Chinese food network of partners, instrumentation, equipment procurement business network China education network, Chinese laboratory information network, business network, Chinese China test instrument of environmental monitoring instrument, modern laboratory equipment, network equipment network, Chinese Chinese scientific instrument market, Chinese network of professional media on chromatography substantial advertising.

Other publicity: on the bus body, in the city of Xi’an and the key city large outdoor inkjet advertising; printed invitations, invitations and other Expo briefing, nearly 10 kinds of promotional materials, by mail, fax and in all conferences show direct delivery.

Audience organization

Domestic invited object:

The national and provincial scientific research institutes, universities, key laboratory;

The national and provincial science and technology, education, health, quality inspection, environmental protection, agriculture departments and industry organizations;

Government procurement departments and provincial bidding unit;

The petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, food, automobile, machinery, metallurgy, military, aerospace and other industrial and mining enterprises;

The various provinces and cities nationwide sales agents.

We arrange to invite Shaanxi hundreds of key laboratories, 200 universities and more than and 500 research institutes, focusing on the invitation of instrument in western region distribution agents, purchasing utilities services, environmental protection, environmental monitoring, biological medicine, health, quality inspection, food, petrochemical, electricity, coal and other industries responsible for the management and leadership.

International key invitation:

The embassies, consulates, foreign representative offices, foreign institutions in beijing;

– India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Singapore and other countries to visit;

The Asian part of national instrument user units.

Exhibition process

1 the exhibitor shall fill in the application form and affix the official seal to the staff of the organizing committee;

2 after the registration, the exhibitors must be within 10 days of the exhibition fees into the exhibition office designated account;

3 booth arrangement to “first payment, first arrangement” principle; the exhibition office will retain the harmonization of the rights of all booths, manufacturers such as according to the specified time of payment, the exhibition office will be deemed a waiver, cancel the application, the booth will not be reserved;

4 the exhibitor shall not have the right to lease or transfer the booth to the third party, and shall have no right to publicize the exhibition site for the non exhibitors in any way;

5 conference reception, accommodation, transportation and other exhibits as detailed in the “Exhibitor Manual”, “Exhibitor Manual” will be a month before the opening of the exhibition to exhibitors or the official website of the general assembly to download.

Exhibitor contact

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Will be held on August 2017 18-20 in Xi'an, Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition center!