The twelfth China Xi'an International Education Equipment Expo will be held at the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Xi'an!

About Exhibition

With the continuous development of society and economy, the research of modern high technology and basic science experiment is becoming more and more important to the advanced nature, stability and cost performance of scientific instruments. In our country to promote “science and education” strategy, has been…


017 China – West China International Scientific Instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition (referred to as the ritual exhibition West) based on the previous successfully organized the Xi’an CHITEC scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition on dig deep fine

Synchronous activity

Government scientific and technological achievements exhibition: focus on the full implementation of the municipal government to implement the innovation driven development strategy planning and scientific and technological achievements, the achievements of the municipal government science and technology industry, scientific and technological innovation.


Exhibition scope

Basic education and higher education technology equipment

All applicable to basic education, occupation education / higher education educational technology and equipment, instruments and materials / wisdom of educational technology equipment and software / audio-visual audio and video equipment / distance education equipment /3D printing, modern office equipment / consumables and other related facilities / preschool education equipment / logistics facilities and equipment

Scientific instruments and laboratory instruments

Analysis of testing equipment / instrument and equipment, optical electronic optical instruments / laboratory instruments, equipment and supplies, biochemical and microbiological testing of life science instruments / instrument / equipment for mechanics of materials, the performance of NDT instrument / electrical measuring instruments / chemical reagents and standard substance / instruments \ related spare parts and supplies

Intelligent education system solutions

Campus management system and solutions, and solutions, teaching assistant system, computer network and various types of terminals, desktop virtualization, UPS system and computer room environmental control equipment, network conference system, data processing terminal, information security technology, digital campus network platform

Environmental Testing Instrument Exhibition

Continuous automatic monitoring system / automatic on-line monitoring system of air / water continuous automatic monitoring system / automatic on-line monitoring system of gas / odor automatic online real-time monitoring system / radioactive, noise, vibration, light, thermal analyzer and continuous automatic monitoring system for water environment……

Scientific and technological achievements and Information Technology Exhibition

Smart wearable devices, unmanned technology, intelligent control technology, robot, intelligent robots, service robots, Internet plus, finance, science and technology, creating the public record space, business incubator, AR/VR, a new generation of communication technology, IT, smart city, big data, networking, communications, light plane display technology.

Nondestructive testing and physical and chemical inspection

Ultrasonic testing / acoustic emission detection / X-ray detection / magnetic particle testing / eddy current testing / penetrant testing / leak detection / physical and chemical inspection equipment / industrial machine vision inspection

Xi'an High Tech Expo Exhibition
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